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2024 Breckenridge Airshow

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   Saturday, May 25th &
   Sunday, May 26th

The Breckenridge Airshow provides an unrivaled experience for attendees. The show will provide opportunities for audiences to relive history with flyovers featuring warbirds and marvel at the acrobatic skills of some of the world’s best pilots.


The show will feature Tora! Tora! Tora!, living history lesson of one of the battles that forced our country into World War II. This performance honors heroes, keeping their legacy and sacrifice alive.


Additional performances will include acrobatic show by David Martin, flyovers by BIG IRON warbirds, Nerf Ball ‘bomb drop’ by the B-25 Yellow Rose, and much more!


This event is family friendly. All attendees will have an opportunity to view static aircraft up close.


From 1977 until 1996, the founding fathers, Howard Pardue, Jimmy McMillan, Eddie Holmes, Nelson Ezell and many others, created history in a tiny town West of DFW. The Breckenridge Airshow was resurrected for 2017 (show XX), 2018 (show XXI) is now hosted by those touched by their efforts, along with Ezell Aviation for 2024 (show XXII).


The Breckenridge Airshow evokes a strong emotional response because you FEEL the show. The roar of the engines, the rumbling of the ground and the smell of the bombs. You RELIVE history next to generations above you and below you. Everyone walks away with a core memory and possibly the inspiration to be next generation of aviators.

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